• Established Shop a Cause – a dedicated online portal for marketing products manufactured by NGOs.
  • Established Rapido an outdoor marketing firm dealing in media, hoardings, in store branding, event management
  • Implemented and formulated new organizational development procedures & framework for Marketing, HR, Quality Management, Documentations, Departmental Restructuring and Change Management.
  • Managed and conducted successfully 4 convocations, 15 various entertainment events, 15 seminars, 2 job fairs and 4 conferences
  • Designed various new programs & training’s to cater and for the corporate sector and also help employees in better understanding changes in policies, procedures, regulations, and technologies
  • Received appreciation letter for outstanding performance in 2011 by Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University
  • Recipient of Employees Performance Award 2006 (BIZTEK)
  • Received three appreciation letters from the management 2003, 2004 and 2005 (BIZTEK)
  • Achievement of ‘W’ category in Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), IBT by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan
  • Achieved upgradation of Institute ranking from ‘5’ star to ‘6’ by CIEC, Government of Sindh
  • Successful acquired funding from HEC for three international conferences
  • Recognition of both Management Science and Computer Science Journals from HEC
  • Designed and implemented new automated academic and student management systems
  • Planned & established marketing and events department both at Hamdard University & BIZTEK
  • Designed and published both paper and internet based marketing material
  • Represented the institute for MoU signing with various international institutes and organizations



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