Rotary Pakistan “Total Literacy and Quality Education in Pakistan” concert with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in Karachi.”


Rotary Pakistan recently hosted a fund raising concert with world renowned singer Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at D.H.A. Golf Club Karachi for supporting Literacy and Education in Pakistan.

Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission (RPLM) has adopted more than 100 government schools in Karachi in the first phase of their mission of “Total Literacy and Quality Education”.

These schools will be remodeled by undertaking extensive work on teacher training, child development and infrastructure development. They will be brought at par with private school to meet the ever evolving educational needs of our society.

In his opening remarks District Literacy Chair, Sindh & Baluchistan PDG Iqbal Qureshi emphasized the importance of literacy in the region and the objectives of Rotary International. He highlighted, Rotary’s achievements and the contribution in improving the lives of the people in Pakistan.

Chairman, Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission, PDG Muhammad Faiz Kidwai briefed the audience on the RPLM T.E.A.C.H. program, its working, goals and objectives. He highlighted the importance of the fund raiser which is held to support the literacy cause. He thanked the audience for their support and appreciated the services of the organizing partner, Rapido by calling their CEO, Syed Kashif Rafi and RCK Darakhshan President, Waqar Ahmed Shaikh on stage and acknowledged their efforts.

District Governor Nominee, Rtn. Irfan Qureshi delivered the appreciation note and thanked all the partners, sponsors, Rotarians, Rotractors, volunteers and especially the audience for being there.

The event was hosted by Mr. Salman Ahmed, CEO PME World and Ayesha Sana who emphasized the importance of literacy in Pakistan and also praised the efforts of the maestro Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for supporting Rotary and literacy in Pakistan.

The maestro Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan mesmerized the audience who were present in thousands with his melodious performance.

Chairman RPLM, PDG Muhammad Faiz Kidwai, District Literacy Chair Sindh, & Baluchistan, PDG Iqbal Qureshi,  District Governor 3271, Rtn. Saleem Rao along with District Governor Nominee, Rtn. Irfan Qureshi, RCK Darakhshan President, Waqar Ahmed Shaikh presented a shield to Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for the all his support to Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission.


This young Pakistani helps design soundtracks for Hollywood films

Pakistani Musician in Hollywood

When we talk about Pakistanis abroad, we rarely bring up the accomplishments of musicians or other artists. (No, Zayn Malik doesn’t count.)

The conversation usually revolves around doctors and entrepreneurs doing great work and creating positive buzz for the rest of the Pakistani community. Like, how often do we get to say: ‘Hey, you know that Pakistani guy that worked on the score for a bunch of Hollywood films with Hans Zimmer?’

Meet Taurees Habib, a 28-year-old Karachiite who did just that.

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22 clothing items every man should own before he turns 30

Business Men

When a man turns 30, he turns around and looks back at his life. But he should also turn around and look back at his wardrobe because, chances are, it’s been neglected.

We’ve rounded up 22 of the most important essentials that every guy should have by the time he turns the big three-oh.

If you’re approaching or over 30, it might be time to go shopping.

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11 surprising things that your physical appearance says about you

Non Verbal

Everybody judges.

Within a few seconds of seeing someone — whether on a date or at the grocery store — we decide on numerous things about them, from how smart they are to how likely they are to commit a crime.

Surprisingly, our first impressions can be remarkably accurate in some instances. In others, they can be wildly off base.

Here are a few of the things we determine about people based on how they look.

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Pakistani artist illustrated Pokemon in a ‘desi’ way and it is brilliant!


You have probably been living under a rock if you don’t know what Pokemon Gois. Pokemon Go is a game that has all but revived our childhood attachment with the beloved Japanese anime – with a modern twist of course. The game has been implemented using Augmented Reality, which provides users with a completely immersive experience as they maneuver their way through the city, catchin’ ’em all!

Needless to say that Pokemon Go has turned into a worldwide phenomenon and people are banking on its popularity. And rightly so. Pakistani brands have been using Pokemon Go for some clever marketing strategies. Now artists are hopping on the bandwagon too! Moin Nazim of MoiNazim Graphics has designed some very brilliant Pokemon illustrations with a little ‘desi’ touch and we’re loving his take!

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Where will the world’s next smart cities be?


Smart cities used to be the privilege of the West. No longer. By 2025, up to half of the world’s smart cities could be outside America and Europe, according to recent studies from research firms IHS and Frost & Sullivan.

With the Middle East expected to achieve the world’s highest growth rates in both mobile and cloud traffic data by 2018, cities in the region could be well-positioned to join the club. Some, in fact, have already started leveraging connectivity to transform into smarter cities. Tel Aviv, for instance, won international recognition in 2014 for its Digi-tel programme, which delivers personalised city services to citizens using data analytics. Dubai has also been actively pursuing its ambition to become the world’s smartest city by 2017, including through the recent launch of a “one-stop shop” mobile app to access government services and the planned deployment of 100 smart bus stations across the emirate by early next year.

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These are the world’s oldest and youngest countries

Old Young

Around 20% of people in Japan, Germany and Italy are aged 65 or over, making the populations of these three nations the world’s oldest.

By the middle of this century 22% of North America’s population and just over a quarter (27%) of Europeans will be 65 or older, according to a report by the Pew Research Centre.

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There’s a global divide in smartphone use. But these countries are closing the gap fast.

Smartphone Divide

Nearly half the world’s adults have a smartphone and although there is still a significant gap between developed and developing countries, the gap is closing rapidly.

A Pew Research Center analysis based on a survey of 40 nations in Spring 2015, puts global adult smartphone ownership at 43%.

Sales of smartphones are booming, with more than 1.4 billion sold in 2015 and the figure is expected to be higher still this year.

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Meet this Pakistani Entrepreneur who Got Google Funding with Her First Pitch


Entrepreneurs usually don’t strike gold when it comes time for them to pitch their business idea to investors. But Umaima Mendhro, a Pakistani entrepreneur, is one of the lucky ones who got a bigwig venture firm (and at Google Ventures no less) to fund her business idea on the very first try.

It seems like a fantastic story that’s too easy to believe. But there’s a lot more to Umaima’s ‘first pitch’ than just catching a lucky break. It was a pitch that was the result of her childhood ambition.

This is the story of that pitch.

Umaima Has Always Loved Building Things

Ms. Mendhro has always had this dream of building a reputable multi-national company that she could one day call her very own. She always had big Ivy-League styled plans and aspirations from a very young age.

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Here’s what it was like to be Mansa Musa, thought to be the richest person in history


African King Musa Keita I is thought to be the richest person of all time — “richer than anyone could describe,” reports Time.

Literally. His fortune was incomprehensible, Time’s Jacob Davidson writes: “There’s really no way to put an accurate number on his wealth.”

He ruled the Mali Empire in the 14th century and his land was laden with lucrative natural resources, most notably gold.

“His vast wealth was only one piece of his rich legacy,” reports Jessica Smith in a TED-Ed original lesson. Read on to learn more about the legendary king and see what it was really like to be the richest person in history:

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